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Great savings for asphalt producers, CO2 reduction and resource efficiency!

Roofing felt contains 55% bitumen and thus far more than recycled asphalt, whichis traditionally used as a substitute for virgin bitumen. BitumenMix canreplace a larger part of the virgin bitumen in asphalt and thus ensure resourceefficiency. 50% of virgin bitumen in asphalt can be replaced by recycledbitumen from roofing felt. There are therefore great environmental and economicbenefits when recycling bituminous materials.

Economic benefit
Since up to 50% of the virgin bitumen in asphalt can be replaced byBitumenMix, there are great savings to be obtained. By adding 2% bitumen fromBitumenMix asphalt producers could potentially save between 350,000 and 400,000EUR per year. See price example below.

BitumenMix savings 
Environmental benefit
Traditionally, roofing felt waste is sent for land filling or incineration.Compared to traditional treatment of roofing felt waste, 60 kg CO2 is saved pertonne of asphalt produced with roofing felt granules - BitumenMix. Thus, with aproduction of 100,000 tonnes of asphalt, a saving of 6,000 tonnes of CO2 wouldbe accomplished.

Societal benefit
Recycled roofing felt waste reduces the pressure on the waste management systemand we contribute to establishing a sustainable society focusing on circularsolutions.

Would you like to hear more or orderBitumenMix please contact Karsten Rasmussen, Director, tel. +45 4059 9400.


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