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Tarpaper Recycling collects and recycles roofing felt waste to be used in asphalt production.


The collection of roofing felt waste

Roofing felt waste is delivered to our receiving sites or collected by Tarpaper Recycling. It is important that the roofing felt waste is sorted before it is received at Tarpaper Recycling.

Find our sorting instruction here.

Recycling of roofing felt waste

The sorted roofing felt waste will be processed at the Tarpaper Recycling plant and the material can be used as binder in asphalt production.


The production of asphalt

The recycling product BitumenMix is added as a bitumen source in the production of new asphalt. Depending on the type of asphalt, roughly 2-3 % of totally 5 % bitumen can be added from BitumenMix. This contributes to a better environment by reducing CO2 emissions and solving a waste handling problem.


Asphalt Paving

The produced asphalt with recycled roofing felt waste is used as both bottom and top asphalt layers on roads. The asphalt has the same quality as asphalt produced without BitumenMix.

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